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We work with you to develop a holistic approach to your office IT requirements, focussing on reducing energy, paper and time wastage through a more efficient and productive work flow and processes. We like to consider ourselves as 'enablers' to walk with you and show you the path forward encompassing hardware, software and system.

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Next-Gen Office Computing Platform®

Centralised Data Storage Management & Backup

We provide true data redundancy and automated backup solution using best of breed hardware and software to ensure your precious data is kept safe and readily available in the cloud wherever you are, whenever you want! Our solution provides an on-site centralised data-management system which is automatically synched with another unit geo-physically away from your office, ensuring business continuity should the unforeseen happen.
We believe in 3 very important factor; Data Redundancy, Data Archival & Data Availability

mDesk (microDesktop Computer)

Over the years, office computers have been abandoned in their design and usefulness, they are space-consuming, high-heat producing and quite the energy waster. Their performance is ultra-slow and prone to frequent down-times. We would like to introduce the future of office computers and we are calling it the mDesk, which is short for micro-Desktop. They are sleek, well-designed and occupy a tiny footprint but yet deliver super high performance at a fraction of the energy requirement. We believe mDesk will revolutionise the way we think of office computers!

Paperless Office

We have been hearing about 'paperless office' for at least the last two decade but until today, not much has changed. To truly become a paperless office environment, we have to be ready to abandon all our prior concept of accepted work-flow and processes, something which has been ingrained in us since the first pen was laid upon a piece of paper. However, over the last few years of rapid expansion of the Internet and proliferation of high-performance computing and an ever growing pool of knowledge workers, we are now at the cusp of a new change in the jump to the next level of office productivity and efficiency through the adoption of the paperless office.

Workflow & Processes

All the hardware and software without proper work-flow and processes are quite useless and pointless. Thus, our solution, the Next-Gen Office Computing Platform encompasses the entire life-cycle of office computing requirements from the data generation to the data sharing ending in data archival. We offer a complete turn-key solution which will enable you to maximise your office productivity, efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint all at the same time!

Something About the Team

We believe in practicing what we preach to ensure we understand exactly what we are offering. Over the years we have reduced our energy consumption, paper wastage and yet increasing our productivity and efficiency at the same time, a win-win situation. We are aiming to one day help define and develop a 'green-office-certification' program to help benchmark offices around the world and assist companies & businesses to become ever more productive and efficient while at the same time becoming more ECO-friendly. We know it is a long and challenging road ahead, but we we take heart in knowing that each day, as we help more and more people to adopt the Next-Gen Office Computing Platform®, we will be one step closer to our goal. So let us work hand-in-hand towards a future which we can all be proud of. Together we make IT better!

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